Baggage drop
goes touchless!

1. Place the baggage on belt and scan the QR-code.

2. Scan the baggage tag.

3. The airline verifies the information and the baggage gets delivered.

100% SAFER

The COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly around the world. By using Expressdrop you avoid unnecessary contact when delivering your luggage and you avoid touching a handscanner.


Using ExpressDrop there are only 2 steps in the check-in process. Scan the QR-code and scan the bag, all with your own smart phone in only 10 seconds.


Airports can integrate the ExpressDrop solution into their own process, saving time and effort. Using our API is 10 times easier than existing solutions.

Established 2018

About ExpressDrop

ExpressDrop is a groundbreaking Self-service Baggage Drop solution. The passengers use their own smart phone to check-in their luggage.

This is the safest, easiest and fastest Self-service Baggage Drop solution available on the market. We want to make the passenger’s journey as safe and pleasant as possible. 

Airlines can save time and effort when integrating the ExpressDrop solution into their own apps.

Our focus is protecting our customers and running secure business operations. By applying a cybersecurity strategy for the Age of Internet of Things can our customers have complete visibility and control of their ExpressDrop assets.

ExpressDrop works together with the airports, airlines and partners to give their customers the best possible experience.