How it works

Air Port Check-in Redefined!

The passengers use their own smart phones to check-in their luggage.
Turn on the phone’s camera and point it towards the QR-code.
When the QR is read, you are routed to the web-application.
Your camera is turned into a barcode scanner. Point it towards the bag tag.
When the tag is read the airline needs to approve the bag’s.


How does ExpressDrop make check-in safer, faster and easier?


People carrying diseases are everywhere and so, to reduce the chances of getting a disease, we have made it possible for passengers to use their own smart phone to check-in luggage.


Using ExpressDrop there are only 2 steps in the check-in process. Scan the QR-code and scan the bag, all with your own smart phone.


Airlines can integrate the ExpressDrop solution into their own apps, saving time and effort.

Animation showing the use of ExpressDrop SBD

To use the ExpressDrop the passenger only uses their camera function on their smart phone. The QR-code takes you to the ExpressDrop web application, no app to be installed in advance!